Master of Government Management

Graduate School of Business


This Program is especially designed for government executives and personnel who want to further their expertise in government management and public administration. This program will enhance the student’s perspective on public administration, social services, welfare and development, social responsibility, functions of government agencies and instrumentalities, and governance, while at the same time developing the student’s administrative and management skills and boosting public relations skills.

The Program, offered in trimestral system, requires substantial involvement or service, whether elective or by employment, in government units or government owned and controlled corporations (GOCC).

Basic Courses - 12 units

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Statistics
  • Decision Science
  • Research and Case Writing
  • Major Courses - 15 units

  • Government Auditing and Accounting
  • Government Budgetary System
  • Local Government Administration
  • National Government Administration
  • Public Personnel Administration
  • Integrating Courses - 9 units

  • Corporate and Strategic Planning and Management
  • Policy Formation and Administration
  • Fiscal Administration
  • For Thesis Program - 6 units

  • Thesis Direction
  • Thesis Writing
  • *Non-business course should take at least 12 units of Business Management

  • Principles of Management and Business Organization
  • Principles and Concepts of Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Administrative Processes and Organizational Behavior