#SPCBABlendedLearning Frequently Asked Questions

San Pedro College of Business Administration

These are the frequently asked questions on our Social Media accounts. Feel free to read and message us at inquiries@spcba.edu.ph if you have other concerns.

What is the class modality for this school year?

We are having blended learning for this school year. This is a combination of on-site or face-to-face sessions conducted in the campus and online classes done in Google Meet.

We are also having purely-online classes for certain students whose application for the same is approved.

How will it be conducted?

Students (especially if they are enrolled in a block section) will report to the campus once every two weeks on each of his courses (subjects). The once-in-two-weeks session is the on-site class. This is attended by half the class on a particular week, and by the other half on the following week. The half not attending the on-site class is in the online session. These two modes of the class are conducted simultaneously so that everyone in class is receiving the same lesson or lecture simultaneously.

Who are qualified for this class modality?

Everybody is welcome to SPCBA blended learning. Fully-vaccinated students and personnel may enter the campus to attend onsite classes. Unvaccinated students will do their classes online after their application for the same is approved. They will not be required to be in the campus, though certain class requirements may need to be submitted physically in the campus.

What will be the schedule of classes?

Classes will have on-site or face-to-face session for the first half of the class while the second half is attending online, on a particular week. On the following week, the second half has on-site session while the first half attends online. So that's once-in-two-weeks face-to-face classes for every course.

How many students are allowed in a room?

SPCBA operates at 50% capacity this academic year, so that maximum number of students in an on-site session is 20 per classroom. Certain laboratories will have smaller on-site classes, as small as 10 students per session.

Is full vaccination with booster shot required?

Full vaccination with booster shot is best, but we require at least full vaccination (2 shots) with the second shot done not earlier than 6 months from enrolment date. We need to see your vaccination card upon enrolment and we will require subsequent vaccinations mandated by the government.

What if I or my family doesn't want me to have a vaccine shot?

An unvaccinated student is welcome to enrol in SPCBA. He is confined to online sessions once his/her application is approved at the start of classes.

What if my family doesn't want me to attend face-to-face classes even if I am fully vaccinated with booster shot?

You may apply for a fully online class if you or your family doesn't want you to attend on-site classes.. This application is subject to approval.

What are the health protocols that students need to observe and follow in the campus?

1. Social distancing (at least 1.5 meters) is enforced and observed in the campus, including in the entrance and exit gates. Entrance is by the main gate along the National road while exit is through the side gate at the Don Antonio Ty compound;
2. Pathwalks and directions are marked and everyone is expected to follow those marks;
3. handwashing and disinfection (including with alcohol) is highly recommended;
4. Body temperature is taken and noted upon entry and in sanctioned activities.

What is the protocol if the student has Covid-19 symptoms?

1. If the cause of the symptom is undetermined like in a heightened temperature taken at the entrance gates, the student is made to rest for a few minutes at the Waiting Area Section B before the temperature is taken again. If after the next take the temperature remains high, the student is requested to leave the campus immediately.
2. If the symptom is mild like heightened temperature, mild colds or coughs, slight fever and teary eyes, the student is taken to the Isolation Area, related information is taken by the Health Officer (HO) and family is contacted to pick up the student.
3. If symptom is severe (severe coughing and colds, very high fever, shortness of breathing), student is taken by the HO to a medical facility, pandemic information is taken, and family is contacted and asked to proceed to medical facility. Student is endorsed to medical facility and HO stays until family arrives or is contacted and informed adequately of the condition of the student.
4. Classmates and others in the same room as the student in (3) above are asked to leave the campus immediately, attend online class instead (if still possible), stay home and isolate themselves for 7 days to watch out for symptoms. They may come back after ascertaining that they are not positive for covid by providing a negative test result.

Is uniform (including PE) required for the blended learning?

Yes. Uniforms are required everyday except Wednesdays and Saturdays, for onsite students.

Do we have access to the Library now?

Yes, the Library operates at 50% capacity, just like the rest of the SPCBA rooms and facilities. Staying unnecessarily in the Library is therefore discouraged to give way to students who have legitimate purpose to be there.

The Library will have physical books as well as online books and journals. Students have remote access to these online materials via internet so that they need not physically visit the Library to access study materials.

What are the guidelines and protocol in using the Library?

1. Student takes the Stay Safe PH QR Code, then temperature is taken at the entrance door of the Library.
2. Students occupy only the seats marked and available for sitting.
3. Library personnel attends to release and return of books. Students need not roam around the bookshelves themselves.
Note: There are 3 computers available (for online access) on a first-come-first-served basis.

Is the College canteen available for the students?

Yes. The canteen is fully prepared for customers and all health protocols are in place.

And what are the procedures?

Food are pre-packed individually. Students point out to what they want. Same is wrapped along with disposable utensils. Students stay at the designated tables and chairs. Clean-as-you-go is implemented. Trash bins are available in the area.

Are the students allowed to transact business in the different offices?

Online transactions are highly encouraged. Needless to say, physical transactions are frowned upon but the offices will entertain on a case-to-case basis.

Generally, window transactions are reserved for submitting or claiming documents. Transactional discussions are done online via chat or email or phone.

What is the examination process for blended learning?

Quizes, exams and other assessment tools are in Google apps. These are posted in the classrooms and are done by students online and accessed through the students examination code found in MySPCBA Student Portal.

After an on-site class, are we allowed to stay in the classroom?

After the class, students are requested to leave the campus immediately. They are given time to prepare and fix themselves, but staying in the campus is not allowed. They may stay in the Library under the conditions imposed therein.

Is OJT allowed now?

It is not just simply allowed in Alert Level 1. It is required.

What are the guildelines for OJT?

1. Students find and choose a establishment to do OJT. The department may have a list of accredited and recommended establishments the student can choose from.
2. Student sends application to establishment following the procedures of the establishment.
3. Upon signing of MOA by the Chair and the establishment, student starts training whether online or physical as agreed with the establishment.
4. Class adviser monitors development of the OJT periodically.
5. Student secures performance appraisal and certificate of completion on training.
6. Adviser grades the student.

Can we now have student organization activities?

Each department, by the 1st semester, is required to support the reactivation of student organizations. Activities, though, MAY still be at moderate levels. We expect full organization participation and initiatives by the 2nd semester.

Is having an ID required for limited face-to-face?

Yes. For identification and security purposes, ID's are a must.

Are there any books required?

For the 1st semester, books will not be required but they will be available in the Library bookshelves and in the online library.

What if I were a working student, what is the minimum units that I need to enroll in? Is there any special program for us?

Your minimum units is determined by your curriculum and the time you can devote to your classes. There is no minimum units required and there is no special program for working students. SPCBA treats every student equally.

Do we have an orientation for freshmen students?

Yes. Details of the orientation will be posted in the College's social media accounts and in your Google classrooms.

Can we make payments directly in the school now?

Online payment thru dragonpay or thru PNB bills payment is highly encouraged and is most preferred. Over-the-counter payments may be allowed on a case-to-case basis.

Is there an academic scholarship for this academic year?

Academic scholarhip MAY be opened in the 2nd semester for grades coming from the 1st semester. Other scholarships and sponsorships by outside parties are accepted and processed by the College, including CHED's and other government offices': Tertiary Education Subsidy, Tulong-Dunong Program, CHED Scholarship Program.