Office of Student Affairs

This Office plays the primary role of monitoring, guiding and coordinating the different student organizations and activities and further conceptualizes other meaningful and purposeful co-curricular and extra-curricular affairs.  This Office ensures that the mission-vision and objectives of recognized and official student organizations are in accordance with the general policy and ideals of the College itself.

Furthermore, it recognizes the leadership and management potentials of each student and pursuant to this end, aims to train the future leaders of tomorrow embodied in all students by opening avenues of opportunities wherein fundamental rights and freedoms are openly exercised by them.

College life is envisioned to serve as their training ground and thus prepare them for their integration into the mainstream of the society.

This office is also responsible for the maintenance of peace and order and discipline among students.  It seeks to prevent, rather than correct behavior.

Guidance Office

The Guidance Office seeks to provide the appropriate developmental, preventive and remedial guidance and counseling programs and services that can respond to the needs of the students.  Specifically, the office seeks to facilitate students’ awareness and understanding of their artistic, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, political,  physical and spiritual development; helps students cope with their personal, academic and career needs or problems and assists the faculty and administration in improving the learning environment .

Placement and Linkages Office

This office has principal role in the concerns of career education and job-hunting skills training.  Through various programs initiated by this Office, students can further develop and enhance their career goals and professional aspirations towards the achievement of a rewarding and fulfilling career lifestyle.  Information on career and job opportunities are also made available to those interested to be working students and to graduating students by holding annually a job fair participated by well-established multinational and local companies.

College Library

The College Library upholds SPCBA’s commitment in making learning preeminent through its support and enhancement of the teaching, learning and research activities of the College.  The Library is the center of an information and instruction network, designed to facilitate the delivery of recorded knowledge and information.  It directs its resources and activities toward the goals articulated in the Colleges’ Mission/Vision Statement.

Health Services

The College Clinic, staffed with a general practitioner physician, a dentist and a nurse, provides emergency first aid treatment and routine simple medications for common ailments.

Food Services

Meals, snacks, beverages and refreshments are provided in the canteens.  A variety of choices are made available at very reasonable costs and the convenience of its locations makes it most accessible to the members of the College community.  Friendly and polite canteen personnel ensure the relaxation and satisfaction that come with a good meal.


The College bookstore services the requirements of students, faculty and administration for school and office supplies, textbooks and manuals, photocopying services and other items at very reasonable prices.

The Sphere

The Sphere is the official student publication of SPCBA.  Pursuant to Republic Act 7079, otherwise known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, The Sphere serves as the citadel for promoting the development and growth of campus journalism as a means of strengthening ethical values, encouraging critical and creative thinking, developing moral character and personal discipline and improving the journalistic skills of the students concerned while promoting responsible and free journalism.