Certificate in Teaching Program

Graduate School of Business


The Certificate in Teaching Program is a comprehensive 30-unit certificate program that provides theoretical foundation on professional education with specialization in outcomes-based education (OBE). It is a program specially designed for non-education graduates, professionals, or industry practitioners who wish to pursue a teaching career in the academe by accompanying their content expertise with educational tools and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

At the end of the program, graduates are expected to develop their knowledge and competencies on curriculum planning, instructional delivery, classroom management, and assessment, making them capable and expert in the academe. Graduates also become qualified to pursue a license in professional teaching through the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).


  • The Teaching Profession - 3 units
  • Child Adolescent Development and Facilitative Learning - 3 units
  • Principles of Teaching - 3 units
  • Field Study / Observation - 6 units
  • Assessment of Learning - 3 units
  • Educational Technology - 3 units
  • Developmental Reading - 3 units
  • Practice Teaching - 6 units