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A tutorial class is a special class with less than fifteen enrollees, in a subject not regularly offered within the semester.


  1. Only graduating students are allowed to enroll in a tutorial class.
  2. A graduating student may request a maximum of six units of tutorial classes.


  1. Filing and approval of the request is within two weeks after the opening of classes.
  2. The request form is provided by the Registrar’s Office and should be accomplished by the requesting students, for approval by the following:
    • Department Head Concerned
    • Registrar
    • Dean
  3. The Department Head will assign the teacher duly approved by the College Dean.
  4. Tutorial classes must be conducted within the confines of SPCBA.
  5. Tutorial classes must conform to the regular academic calendar.
  6. The tutorial fee to be paid by the students will be computed at the Accounting Office
  7. Examinations for tutorial classes are subject to the school’s policies and guidelines on examinations.