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  1. SPCBA summer classes are intended for all students either with academic deficiencies or with back subjects. Regular maximum academic load for summer is 9 units.
  2. A student graduating during the summer term may carry a maximum academic load of 12 units provided the student did not overload during the 1st and the 2nd semester of his/her final Academic Year.
  3. An SPCBA student shall not be permitted to enroll in other schools during the summer term. Exception to this rule may, however, be granted by the Dean.
  4. Subjects taken during summer are not included in the computation of the GPA.
  5. Summer classes allow six (6) hours of absences for a 3-unit course.  Hence, a student who has incurred more than 6 hours absences and has not officially dropped the course is automatically dropped from the subject and is given a “5” mark due to excessive absences.
  6. A student is considered absent if s/he arrives in class 15 minutes after the bell.  Two counts of late are counted as one absence.
  7. Summer classes are held daily from Monday to Friday, which is equivalent to 31 days.  A 3-unit subject has a two-hour class duration per meeting.
  8. A class with less than 15 students shall be dissolved.
  9. The same enrollment procedure during the 1st and 2nd semesters also applies to the Summer Term.