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Student Readmission for Regular Students

  1. Students who obtain a GPA of less than 3.00 (75%) during their first year  are ineligible for readmission.
  2. Students who obtain a GPA of less than 2.90 (76%) during their second year are ineligible for readmission.

Student Readmission for Transferee and on Probation

  1. Freshmen who are placed under academic probation are required to obtain a yearly GPA of not less than 3.0.      
  2. Transferees admitted by the Admissions Office are automatically placed under academic, disciplinary, and attendance probation and are required to obtain a yearly GPA of not less than 2.9 for freshmen and sophomore transferees.

Other Policies

  1. No student is allowed to carry a subject load of less 12 units after dropping in any semester.
  2. All regular athletes and student assistants are required to carry a load of at least 24 units in one school year. 
  3. Regular athletes, as determined by the PE Department Head, who fail in subjects equivalent to more than 12 units in one school year during their first year and second year levels are ineligible for readmission.                                                                                             
  4. No student shall be allowed to enroll in the fourth curriculum year of his/her academic course without having completed the NSTP requirements.                                                                                                                                               
  5. A student who is on the third or fourth curriculum year of the academic course does not have a yearly GPA requirement.


  1. Every student has both the right and responsibility to:
    • use and create opportunities for him/herself in ways that contribute to his/her own development and the school’s education purposes.
    • Conduct himself/herself according to accepted standards of behavior of the college community.
  2. A student who cannot exercise such responsibility is placed on a probationary status. 
  3. The College distinguishes three types of probation namely:                                                                   
    • Academic Probation-Student who fail at least 12 units in one Academic Year are placed under Academic Probation.
    • Attendance Probation-A student is placed under Attendance Probation if he/she has been dropped in any subject during the previous semester due to excessive absences.
    • Disciplinary Probation-A student is placed under Disciplinary Probation when he/she violates the Code of Discipline as determined by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Voluntary Withdrawal from College

  1. A student who withdraws voluntarily from the College is entitled to Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials under the following conditions:                                                                                              
    • He/she must not have any pending major and grave offense as provided for in the Code of Discipline.                                         
    • He/she must secure the written approval of his/her parents if s/he is below 21 years of age.
    • He/she must clear himself/herself of all accounts from all offices concerned.  He/she must surrender his/her ID to the Registrar and the Library Card to the College Librarian upon accomplishing the aforesaid clearance.
  2. The transfer (honorable dismissal) credential is issued only once to the student personally.  If the certificate gets lost, the student should execute a notarized affidavit that said certificate is lost and not used for enrollment in any other school.
  3. The certified copy of Transcript of Records (TOR) may be secured from the Registrar’s Office.  It cannot be hand carried unless there is written authorization from the Registrar of the school to which the student has transferred.
  4. Request for a certified true copy of transcript of records should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at least ten (10) school days prior to the date it is needed.  Request for records during the enrolment period is discouraged.
  5. Application for transcript of records should be done personally for proper identification of the applicant.