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SPCBA Senior High School Program

SPCBA begins 2016 with something new to offer:  the SPCBA Senior High School, featuring the 11th and 12th grades of the Philippine education system.

In response to the anticipated need for additional public and private resources to absorb the two new additional high school years beginning in 2016, SPCBA comes up with a dynamic and premium program that carries with it the name, the prestige and the guarantee of excellent education the SPCBA has always been known for.                                                                                                         

A product of thorough preparation and research, the SPCBA Senior High School Program is designed to meet global standards, industry requirements and collegiate preparation.  With these three parameters as the multiple benchmarks for our Senior High School, we are proud to invite junior high school graduates to try and be part of the SPCBA Community, a name that has always been synonymous to the best that education in this part of the country has to offer.