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Scholarship Grants given by the College are classified into:


Entrance Scholarships


Cheng Eng Teng Scholarship

This grant is extended to all incoming freshmen who pass the qualifying examination administered for the purpose and who have not enrolled in any college or vocational course.


Academic Scholarships


Publication Scholarships

Students who qualify as staff for The Sphere, the Official Student Publication of SPCBA, are entitled to a corresponding amount of tuition discounts.


Student Assistantship Program

Financially-challenged but academically deserving students are given tuition discounts and monetary stipends in return for services rendered to the College.


Varsity Scholarships

Varsity players are also granted scholarships upon the recommendation of the PE Department Head to the Dean of Student Affairs provided that they meet the academic requirements and will not obtain a grade lower than 2.50 with a minimum load of 18 units per semester.


Tuition Discounts