Alumni Portal



The Alumni Affairs and Placement and Linkages Office is the college’s main unit that links the alumni and the rest of the community in partnership with the SPCBA Alumni Association. It promotes good alumni participation, involvement, support and commitment to SPCBA's mission to produce quality and competitive graduates, embodied with moral and ethical values, who will be leaders in business, industry and society.

The Alumni Affairs and Placement and Linkages Office provides assistance to SPCBA students and alumni in exploring, selecting, preparing for and actively pursuing career goals.

The Placement and Linkages Services is also meant to create a bridge between talented and employable SPCBA students and graduates and the local and international opportunities on the job market.

Part of its services are: creation of programs and activities that will help students and graduates in the development of professional skills necessary for creating career opportunities; management of the Alumni Portal which offers on-line career tips, job opportunities listings, labor market information and others that are relevant to the alumni’s professional interest; and initiation of activities that will provide employment opportunities for alumni and SPCBA students.