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Congratulations to our May 2015 LET Board Passers!

  1. AGUDO, Elaine
  2. ANAHAW, Jenalyn
  3. CABRERA, John Mark
  4. ESPINOSA, Nandito
  5. FRUELDA, Divina Grace
  6. GARCIA, Carlo Ian
  7. HUGNO, Andrea
  8. MEMIJE, Amelia
  9. MENDOZA, Analiza
  10. MERCADO, Everett
  11. MITRA, Sandra
  12. RIVAS, Maria Aurora
  13. SEGUI, Lejien
  14. SECILLANO, Menchie
  15. VILLANUEVA, Ray John

Congratulations to our May 2015 CPA Board Passers!

  1. ESCALA, Janine R.
  2. NADAL, Kristine Ann Lynnette
  3. TANZO, Rex Ernest C.
  4. QUITIQUIT, Marjorie M.
  5. VILLENA, Nikita Edmar L.

Congratulations to our May 2014 LET Board Passers!

  1. BALATBAT, Jason Kleine
  2. CATUDAY, Brenda
  4. FRUELDA, Lalit
  6. MANUEL-RAÑADA, Rosalinda
  7. NAVEA, Marvic
  8. OROLFO, Chariz
  9. PACIO, Peejay
  10. RAYEL, Raquel
  11. SACDALAN, Renelino
  12. SUMABAT, Eladio Nathan Joh

Professional Earning Units

  1. BALISTOY, Roberto
  2. DE SALIT, Rhea
  3. MARFORI, Maria Goretti
  4. OÑATE, Alfa Joy
  5. SAN JOSE, Jerick
  6. SANTUYO, Farrah

Congratulations January 2014 LET Board Passers

Congratulations September 2013 LET Board Passers

Welcome the new members of the Faculty!

Congratulations May 2013 CPA Board Passers

Congratulations March 2013 LET Board Passers