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  1. In accordance with Article XV – Grading System of the CHED Manual of Regulation for Private Schools, the College adopts the policy that the final grade or rating given to a student in a subject should be based solely on his/her scholastic performance.  Any addition or diminution to the grade based solely on co-curricular activities, attendance, or misconduct shall not be allowed, except when such adjustments are relevant to the subject content and requirements.   
  2. The College requires professors to evaluate each student’s scholastic performance by giving short/long quizzes, recitations, assignments, projects, prelim, midterm, final examinations, and other related class activities to ensure enough bases for the evaluation of a student’s scholastic performance,.
  3. All raw scores should be transmuted to percentage when computing for the student’s grade.
  4. Should a student miss a quiz/recitation or its equivalent, he/she should be given a transmuted percentage grade of zero (0) in case no make-up/extra work is given by the professor.