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  1. Information regarding tuition and special fees is available at the Accounting Office/Finance Division.
  2. The enrollment period is announced and must be followed.  For late enrollees, a penalty fee is imposed. A student is considered a late enrollee if s/he enrolls after the beginning of classes.     
  3. Deadline for payment of tuition and other fees is posted on the administration bulletin boards.  Non-payment of tuition and other fees on or before the deadline warrants exclusion from the enrolment lists, and/or receiving transcripts and certificates, as the case may be.
  4. A student has the choice of paying in cash or on installments.  Under the cash plan, the student pays the total amount of fees due for the semester. Under the installment plan, the student pays on several schedules during the semester.
  5. Payment in check will be accepted.  However, enrollment shall only become valid after the check has been cleared. If the check is not honored, a penalty fee shall be imposed accordingly.
  6. No student shall be allowed to enroll unless s/he has fully settled his/her accounts of the previous year or semester or unless the student has made arrangements with the Accounting Office regarding the settlement of the same.    
  7. A student also pays surcharges and other fees on the following:
  1. In line with provisions of Par. 137, Sec VII of the Manual for Regulations for Private Schools (1970) which states: “When a student registers in a school, it is understood that he is enrolling for the entire semester for collegiate course”, it is the policy of the school that in the event the school authorities are forced to dismiss a student for acts imputable to him, the entire fees for the whole school year must be paid or shall be forfeited in favor of the school.
  2. Par. 137 also states that a student who transfers or otherwise withdraws in writing within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full for any length of time longer than one month, may be charged ten (10) percent of the total amount due for the term if he withdraws within the first week of classes, or twenty (20) percent if within the second week of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes.
  3. The student may be charged all school fees in full if he withdraws anytime after the second week of classes.  However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to justifiable reasons, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance.
  4. In cases where the student enjoys more than one discount scheme applicable in any semester, only the highest discount rate is applied. No cumulation or cash conversion of multiple or unused discounts is allowed. The 10% discount on cash payment is applied exclusively to the tuition after other discounts the student may be entitled to have been applied. All discounts are applied exclusively to the tuition amount.