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A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work.  New students, whether freshmen or transferees, although registered, are considered TEMPORARILY ENROLLED, until and unless he/she has submitted and complied with the Admission requirements.

Enrollment Procedure for New Students

  1. Proceed to the Admission’s office for inquires regarding admission.
  2. Pay the entrance exam fee at Cashier (Window 1 & 3).
  3. Present receipt to the Admission’s office.
  4. Take Entrance Exams.
  5. If qualified, pay the Admission Fee at Cashier (Window 1 & 3) and present receipt to the Admission’s office. You will then be assigned a student number which you will be using throughout your stay in the College.
  6. Incoming freshmen will be interviewed by the Admission’s Officer. Transferees should be first evaluated at the Registrar’s Office to determine subjects credited before being interviewed by the Admission’s Officer.
  7. Proceed to Cashier (Window 1 & 3) to pay the Reservation Fee.
  8. Return to the Admission’s Office to get the subjects and schedules you will be enrolling in for the semester.
  9. Pay the corresponding down payment at Cashier (Window 1 & 3).
  10. Proceed to Registrar’s Office (Window 11) to get your Registration form.

Enrollment Procedure for Old Students

  1. Clearance
  1. Advising
  1. Reservation
  1. Enlistment
  1. Down Payment
  1. Registration Form