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  1. A student is not considered officially enrolled for the semester unless he/she has paid his/her corresponding tuition and other fees as assessed by the Accounting Department either partially or in full.                                                                                                                                  
  2. As a matter of policy, a student must be officially registered and must have gone through the process of enrollment in order to earn credits for the subjects enrolled in.
  3. No enrolment shall be allowed after the lapse of two weeks following the first day of classes, except when the enrollment is extended
  4. Students should personally work on his/her enrollment papers. Assigning of proxies is discouraged.
  5. Changing of subjects after enrollment may merit approval under the following circumstances:
    1. failure in prerequisite subjects
    2. conflict in schedule
    3. subject/section closed
    4. subject/section dissolved
  6. For changing subjects to be official, the student must proceed to MIS for approval and Accounting office for payment.  A student who changes subjects without following the above procedures shall be considered unofficially dropped from the subject concerned and be marked with a “5 ” final grade. 
  7. A student is not allowed to enroll in a subject unless s/he has passed its pre-requisite subjects.