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  1. Any student may be allowed to withdraw voluntarily from the course on or before the lapse of 20 class days after the scheduled release of midterm grades or within the date set by the Dean’s Office. 
  2. When dropping voluntarily from a course, a student should accomplish the Request Form to make his/her course dropping official.  This must be submitted to the College Registrar and Accounting Office.  Until such form is accomplished and submitted, the student is still considered enrolled.  
  3. A student will be marked WITHDRAW in the official course list if s/he is officially dropped from the course.  
  4. A student who changes/drops a subject without accomplishing and submitting the required form shall be dropped from the original subject/course due to excessive absences and marked “DROPPED FAILED (D.F.)” in the subjects affected.  The “D.F.” mark shall be converted into 5.00 in the computation of the GPA.
  5. A student may be allowed to drop all his/her subjects in any semester and apply for an official leave of absence for meritorious reasons as determined by the Dean of Student Affairs.