SPCBA Payment Options and Instructions

The Premier Business School of the South

How to pay for your Tuition Fee:

For Bank Deposit

Please deposit your tuition payments on any Philippine National Bank nationwide using the following details:

Account Name: San Pedro College of Business Administration, Inc.
Savings Account Number: 2461 7000 1423

For Dragonpay

STEP 1: Access the SPCBA Dragonpay Link
Click on https://gw.dragonpay.ph/GenPay.aspx?merchantid=SPCBA for a hassle free and safe payment option

STEP 2: Fill out the Payment Form with your details

a. Enter your Student Number on the Invoice field. b. Enter your Complete Name on the Name Field c. Enter your Email Address on the Email field. d. Enter the Payment Amound e. Indicate on the Remarks whether the payment is for GSB, College or Senior High School Tuition 2020-21 / Old Account 2019-20 / Defense / Credentials / Adjustment / Others

STEP 3: Select your Payment Option on the Source List

Upon clicking Pay, please select your Payment Options on the drop-down list. Click on “I Agree” before clicking on “Select”

STEP 4: Follow the Instruction until Payment

Every Dragonpay payment option has specific instructions. You can send the instructions via Email or Mobile Number

STEP 5: Send the Payment Confirmation via Email

Please email the Successful Confirmation Screenshot or Physical Receipt to payments@spcba.edu.ph and use the format:

DRAGONPAY-Student ID-Full Name

Example: DRAGONPAY-2012345-DELA CRUZ, Juan