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A.  Policy

In general, cross-enrollment is discouraged.  However, for valid reasons as determined by and with prior approval of the College Dean and the Registrar, a student may be permitted to cross enroll in another school. Cross-enrolling in other schools is allowed only if:

    1. When the desired subjects are not offered by SPCBA during the term of the requesting student’s enrollment;
    2. When the subject(s) are offered, but their schedules conflict with the requesting student’s other class schedules and;
    3. When the student intends to spend the school term in his home province or region and enrolls in subjects offered by an institution located therein, provided that, such request is in accordance with the accepting institution’s policy on cross-enrollment. 

The Registrar or College Dean shall approve the school where the student can cross enroll and determine the minimum grade a student has to obtain for the subject to be credited.

B.   Procedures

  1. Write a letter of request to the Dean after consulting with the Registrar’s Office for evaluation.                                                                           
  2. Once the request is approved, scout for schools offering the subject needed and has the same course description as the course required by San Pedro College of Business Administration.
  3. Secure the official permit to cross-enroll at the Registrar’s Office and submit to the school you are intending to cross-enroll.
  4. Submit the received cross-enroll copy at the SPCBA Registrar’s Office. 
  5. After the end of the semester, get official Certification of Grade(s) from cross enrolled School Registrar and submit the same to SPCBA’s College Registrar.