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Office of the Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator Jowell Jo N. Ching, PhD
  Benjamin S. Reyes, CPA
  Ann Loraine J. Atienza

Office of the College Dean
Dean Benjamin S. Reyes, CPA
Executive Assistant to the Dean Felimon P. Brazas Jr.
Research Director Zennia G. Zamora, MaEd
  Monica G. De Vera
  Marirose J. Capistrano

Office of the College Registrar
Registrar Lourdes B. Abdallah
Assistant Registrar Glenda P. Ortiz
  Eduardo J. Fajardo
  Bernard Aaron L. Herrera
  Editha E. Punzalan

Finance Division
Finance Officer Sarah Claire C. Legaspi
Cashier Mary Grace V. Luces
  Gideon V. Casupang
  Jocelyn F. Poot
  Analiza P. Tiña

Purchasing Office
Purchasing Officer Jolanda A. Apostol
Logistics Supervisor Neisch Marc A. Apostol
  Niño D. De Villa

Placement and Linkages Office
Director Rexton J. Ching
  Roland P. Lopez

Community Outreach Office
Director Felimon P. Brazas Jr.

Information Management Department
IMD Manager Armando M. Villa
Web System Administrator Mark Anthony A. Ozaeta
Network Administrator Fortunato Recalde
Programmer Olivia B. Hernandez

Technical Support Department
Technical Supervisor Jeffrey Joe N. Ching
Technical Staff Reynaldo A. Remetio Jr.

Admissions Office
Admissions Manager Gabriel T. Castro
  Noriati A. Julpha
  Gladys G. Orellana

College Library
Librarian Elizabeth A. Bumalay
Assistant Librarian Mary Joy Canaria
Artist Marivic P. Villanueva
  Rosa T. Valenzuela

College Clinic
Physician Dr. Ruben Lasala
Dentist Dr. Maricar Brual
Nurse Salve Beverlyn G. Loneza

Guidance and Counseling Office
Guidance Counselor Dr. Marietta B. Rasonabe
  Winnie P. Lu
  Vernice G. Omagap

General Services
HRM Supervisor Elmer J. Ching II
  Ryan E. Abletia
  Christian B. Berja
  Ruel M. Bongon
  Donato M. Gutierres
  Herman N. Medallon
  Marilyn S. Mabula
  Nelson G. Monasterial
  Gerry R. Tico
  Jovan V. Villagracia